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About Drill Pipe Manufacturing

We at Jindal Saw believe in providing our customers with innovative products made with latest and best technology offered in the market. This allows us to keep our costs low and also provide our customers with best quality products. Our integrated manufacturing process gives us the agility to adapt current market needs and quickly improve our production processes.

Drill Pipe expands our product offerings to Oil and Gas industry along with existing offerings of OCTG products and also our commitment to serve this industry.

Tool joints used in manufacturing of Drill Pipes are welded to the upsetted pipe using state of art fully automatic friction welding machine. The weld zone is heat treated and throughly inspected to produce quality which is precise and beyond API specification.

Automatic pipe handling system ensures no defect is introduced while pipe passes through each station and the production process is smooth.


Rolled Pipe ends are either External Upset or Internal upset or Internal External upset and heat-treated full length by Quench and Temper process to achieve uniform mechanical properties.

The heat-treated pipes are 100% nondestructively inspected for possible longitudinal and transverse defects and wall thickness.

Magnetic particle inspection of the upset ends is done to ensure that the upsets are free from defects.

The OD & ID and face of the upsets are CNC machined for a clean surface as part of pipe preparation prior to welding.

Tools joints are attached to the drill pipe by friction welding to produce a high integrity solid state weld connection between the tool joint and the upset drill pipe tube.

Hard Banding and ID coating facilities are also available on customer requests.



For Technical Queries
Contact:Umang Gupta
Phone: +1.281.628.5171
Email: umang.gupta@jindalsaw.us

For Sales Inquiries
Contact:Pramod Manapure
Phone: +1.281.628.5703
Email: pramod@drillpipeinternational.com

1411 South FM 565
Texas 77523

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